What we do

One of the benefits of being small is that we can be nimble and we can provide a level of service that others just cant match! 

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Classroom technology maintenance and repair

Classroom technology has been in constant use in schools for years. While this technology is reliable, things do go wrong.

We are here to ensure that it always runs at its best. We believe technology should help, not hinder day to day operations in the classroom.


Interactive screens, projector & audio sales

Whether you are planning a new classroom extension, a new build, or just planning to upgrade tired or unusable equipment we are here to assist. We supply all of the major brands to suit all budgets. Our extensive experience will ensure that you have the right tools, equipment and training for a smooth experience in the classroom.


Technology Training, consultancy & assistance

If using new technology or existing technology, we can help you get the most from it. We provide training to individuals and groups that is tailored specifically to your needs. Our experience also puts us in the perfect position to guide and advise on purchasing decisions, speciality equipment. layout and implementation.