VaughTEC is a small business dedicated to bringing great technology to Irish classrooms. Our relentless focus on service, affordable solutions and honest straightforward advice, means that you can relax and focus on great teaching.

Colin Vaugh founded VaughTEC having spent over 20 years working with some of the world's technology leaders including Intel and IBM. His work here exposed him to great technology and the possibilities it can offer. A desire to work for himself and the discovery of a passion for empowering education with technology, led to the creation of VaughTEC.

VaughTEC operates under 3 core pillars; Technology, Education and Care. 



We supply, fit and maintain classroom audiovisual technology. We strive to source the best and most suitable equipment for individual needs and budgets. 


We are trusted partners with great schools, colleges and training centers across Ireland. 


We believe in building great relationships based on fairness and transparency. We know this technology can be daunting, so our job is to take away the hassle so that you can focus on the important stuff - great teaching!